Mama Illegal / Mama Illegal

Mama Illegal

Place: Athena keskus
Beginning: 07.08.2012 19:00

Scr: Ed Moschitz
DoP: Sandra Merseburger, Michael Schindegger, Radu Boston
Music: Zdob si Zdub
Language: [ro_lang], Danish, Italian
Subt: English, Estonian

Austria, 2011, 1:45

Director: Ed Moschitz

Inhabitants of poverty-stricken Moldavia sacrifice their savings and risk their lives to become illegal aliens abroad. The film follows three women from this small neighbor of Romania, who work illegally as cleaners in Austria and Italy. Some of these workers have been separated from their children and family for many years. They have no rights to medical assistance and also run the risk of being deported. This is a melancholy portrait of the desperate inhabitants of a little piece of the Third World in Europe.