Kassim the Dream / Kassim the Dream

Kassim the Dream

Place: Athena keskus
Beginning: 10.08.2012 19:00

DoP: Tony Molina
Music: Andres Solis, Jacobo Leiberman, Leo Heiblum
Language: English
Subt: Estonian

Germany, USA, 2008, 1:26

Director: Kief Davidson

The improbable story of Kassim „The Dream” Ouma, who was kidnapped in the north of Uganda at the age of six and forced to be a child soldier in the rebel army of Yoweri Museveni. Besides being taught to kill, he also learned to box. His „therapy, ” as he now calls it. Kief Davidson begins his film with Ouma’s account of his experiences as a child soldier and then switches to the boxing matches and his family life. Just like his successful film „The Devil’s Miner”, this is a story about enormous setbacks and an unbelievable will to survive. That said, KASSIM THE DREAM isn’t a fairy tale. Ouma’s experiences as a child soldier have left their mark on him.