After Life - 4 Stories of Torture / Jälki elämässä - 4 tarinaa kidutuksesta

After Life - 4 Stories of Torture

Place: Athena keskus
Beginning: 08.08.2012 19:00

Scr: Mervi Junkkonen
DoP: Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Music: Girilal Baars
Language: Finnish
Subt: Estonian, English

Finland, 2011, 0:58

Director: Mervi Junkkonen

„I believe that we who were tortured will never be the same.” Hector recalls the events that happened over 40 years ago. Mervi Junkkonen’s „After Life – 4 Stories of Torture” is an impressive documentary film about bleak experiences. The stories of four men, who moved to Finland, are different, but all of them have to confront their past daily. What the men primarily wish from their new home country are freedom and the serving of justice.