tARTuFF 2012


On love, with love

For the seventh time, a festival of love films – in other words, the tARTuFF cultural tolerance festival - is taking over Tartu. The festival has long since become a project that our whole team wants to be involved in, because there’s nothing better than the joy of giving. Made with love and produced collaboratively with Tartu folk, tARTuFF is an enjoyable gift to all film fans in this one-of-a-kind city.

This year’s festival is a little different from the ones that came before it. With the help of leaders and visionaries in their respective fields, we’d like to turn it into a city wide cultural festival where the various fine arts would meet on the streets, squares and back lots. This year is the pilot project, with Town Hall Square and the films screened there still at the centre, but thanks to the leadership of Helen Sildna, we will also see youth ensembles (mainly from Tartu and vicinity) perform in courtyards and cafes. Berk Vaher has been invited to the Paulig tent to lively up Tartu’s summer literary life, and the city’s own stand-up comedians will take the stage. Young landscape architect Mari Rohtla will enrich the cityscape with her interactive landscape and urban architecture installations.

Like any good child, as the Estonian saying goes, Tartu has many names: a college town, a city of good ideas and thoughts, a Hanseatic city. Why couldn’t we turn it into a city for the fine arts as well, over the years, which would embrace a citywide cultural festival every August?! We can always dream, and sometimes, when you know how to put the vision into words, it’s said, dreams come true…... So, then, let's all set our minds to thinking about love – with love.

Tiina Lokk
Director, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival